Hey, peoples. I am PolFrank, a songwriter from Valencia, Spain, and I do all kinds of weird musics. My favourite genres are rock, jazz, funk, electronic and... basically everything that sounds quite unicque and odd. As you might have guessed (or probably not, it's a hard guess), my artistic name, PolFrank, honors the legend Frank Zappa, who is my supreme idol. My music has, overall, his footprint and also other band's or artist's in the progressive rock scene like Yes, Pink Floyd, Frost*, Cheeto's Magazine... Contemporary jazz musicians such as the big Jacob Collier or Adam Neely are also a nice guide for me.

I started playing piano when I was a kid, in the music school of my town. Studied some basic music theory till' I decided it was enough. Ever since, I've been self teaching myself in topics like harmony, rythm, of course performing and musical ear. I also attempt to be multi instrumentalist, learning some bass guitar and drums, specially.


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